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MINITAB Automation
Writing any report of a statistical analysis can be a tedious process but repeating the same steps every day, week, month, or year is especially painful. Thankfully much of the work required to create a periodic report can be automated. Automatic report generation has four phases: 1) importing data from the data base into the analysis software, 2) performing the analysis, 3) importing the results of the analysis into the report environment, and 4) finalizing and publishing the report. In many cases the first three phases can be automated. The fourth phase must always be performed by the author/owner of the report.

Documentation and examples are provided here describing how to automate statistical analysis and report creation by importing data from Excel into MINITAB, running the statistical analysis in MINITAB, and then importing MINITAB's results into Microsoft Word. Importing data from Excel into MINITAB is implemented using ODBC. Importing MINITAB's results into Word is implemented using VBA. All three steps of the process are administered using VBA code in Word.
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