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This page provides links to text files containing MINITAB macros. Open the files in NotePad to see the code, a description of the macro, and an example calling statement.

The macros are of both LOCAL (.mac) and EXEC (.mtb) types. Copy them to the MINITAB macros folder on your hard drive. Run EXEC macros from the File> Other Files> Run an EXEC menu or from the command prompt. Run LOCAL macros from the command prompt. Make sure that MINITAB is looking for macros in the correct folder as specified in Tools> Options> General> Macro Location. All macros will run on MINITAB V17 unless specified otherwise.

Some of these macros are redundant to built-in commands in MINITAB; however, many of those were written before they were supported by the program and have features that are different or code that might be of interest for other purposes.

These macros have been validated but they may give incorrect results for some input conditions. MM&B Inc. accepts no responsibility for their results. Use these macros at your own risk.

MINITAB also maintains an extensive macro library here.

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