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Quality Tools of the Trade

In the early 1980s, Carl Mentch at GE Lighting in Cleveland wrote a series of short documents describing fundamental statistical methods that he called Quality Tools of the Trade. These wonderful documents included: a short explanation of the method, data requirements and conditions for use, the procedure, one or more lighting-specific example problems, and a lighting-specific homework problem. I (Paul) was lucky to receive these documents and I even got to attend some of the popular seminars held at GE by Carl and others on these topics. GE Lighting still reproduces Carl's original Quality Tools of the Trade for their new engineers.

The documents listed below are our own Quality Tools of the Trade. Some of the documents are on topics originally picked by Carl but there are many others that we've added over the years. We use these documents as appendices for our various course materials and we also let customers pick from the list to design their own custom Tools of the Trade courses. Each topic can be covered in a 1.0-1.5 hour session which includes time to work through the example problems and for discussion.

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