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Quality engineering, applied statistical consulting,
and training services for R&D, product, process,
and manufacturing engineering organizations.
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Quality Engineering and Quality Management

Juran, The Quality Control Handbook

THE QC technical reference.
Juran, Quality Planning and Analysis

Shorter version of QCH.
Kuhn, Structures of Scientific Revolution

Theoretical, tough read, necessity.
Aquayo, Dr. Deming: The American Who Taught the Japanese About Quality

Excellent read, basic, mandatory.
Walton, The Deming Management Method

Similar to Aquayo, but drier.
Walton, Deming Management at Work

Case studies, excellent!
Peters, In Search of Excellence

Classic, anecdotal, good stuff.
Peters, Thriving on Chaos

More of the same.
Gabor, The Man Who Discovered Quality

Good read.
Juran, Quality by Design

Good easy read, very structured.
Juran, Juran on Leadership for Quality

Similar to previous.
Feigenbaum, Total Quality Control

Technical reference - a classic.
Deming, Out of the Crisis

Excellent! A classic.
Crosby, Quality is Free
Excellent! Easy read. A classic.
Dobyns and Crawford-Mason, Quality or Else

Excellent. Easy read. Very basic.
Ishikawa, Guide to Quality Control

Classic reference.
Kanter, The Change Masters                
Awesome!!! Deserves careful study, but advanced.
Scholtes, The Team Handbook

The team benchmark.
Imai, Kaizen: The Key to Japan's Competitive Success

Classic lean book.
Imai, Gemba Kaizen

Excellent follow-up to the first book.
Campanella, Principles of Quality Costs
Excellent reference. Very readable.
Besterfield, Quality Control

basic reference, CQT level
Russell, Quality Audit Handbook

reference, excellent
Pennella, Managing the Metrology System

reference, excellent
AIAG, The Supplier Seven Pack (QS9000)

reference, excellent and cheap!
ISO/TR 10017: Guidance On Statistical Techniques for ISO 9001:2000

matrices of method and where and when to apply them
Blake and Mouton, The Managerial Grid

on leadership styles, classic
Scherkenbach, The Deming Route to Quality and Productivity

Deming disciple, similar book to Aquayo
Senge, The Fifth Discipline

teaming, learning organizations
Blanchard, Raving Fans

on exceeding expectations
Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

classic, gazillion seller
Britz, Improving Performance Through Statistical Thinking

excellent intro to variation, q. costs, charts, …
Roberts and Sergesketter, Quality is Personal

improvement for individuals
Bhote and Bhote, World Class Quality

inflammatory, biased, but fun with good examples
Katzenbach and Smith, The Wisdom of Teams

great reference on teams with examples
Sagan, A Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark
The scientific method, witches, and space aliens! See especially the chapter on the baloney detection kit.

Six Sigma

Breyfogle, Implementing Six Sigma

great Six Sigma technical reference!
Pande et al, The Six Sigma Way

good Six Sigma management reference
Pande et al, The Six Sigma Way Team Fieldbook

excellent basic practical recipe for Six Sigma written
at a simple level so managers can understand it

Eckes, The Six Sigma Revolution
good Six Sigma management, one of my favorite


Womack, Jones, and Khoo, The Machine that Changed the World
original lean book in the US (1990)
Womack and Jones, Lean Thinking   

excellent lean read
Hammer and Champy, Reengineering the Corporation
excellent, eye-opening, first of a series

Liker, The Toyota Way
excellent disclosure of Toyota Production System

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd., Poka-Yoke beautiful how-to picture book, coffee-table book
for manufacturing engineering geeks

Case Studies

Taleb, The Black Swan

Taleb, Fooled By Randomness

Ingrassia and White, Comeback

REALLY IMPORTANT! Pulitzer winners, easy read, eye-opener
Boyett et al, The Quality Journey

account of IBM’s Baldrige award with application!
Crichton, Airframe 

fiction, good reliability story
Kidder, Soul of a New Machine  

excellent management case study, Pulitzer winner, awesome read
Feynman, What Do You Care What Other People Think?

Challenger accident and other good stories
Goldratt, The Goal 
fiction, fun read, first of successful series

Sobel, Longitude
historical fiction, easy read, get the picture book version or see the movie

Rich, Skunk Works
great history and case study of the Lockheed operation, easy read

Pohl, Chernobyl
mostly factual account of the accident

Math and Graphics

Peterson, The Jungles of Randomness

excellent math/stats concepts for normal humans
Casti, Searcing for Certainty

much like Peterson, also excellent
Tufte, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information first of three classic references, beautiful coffee-
table book for data geeks

Tung, Topics in Mathematical Modeling
excellent introduction to mathematical (first principles, not statistical) modeling
with atypical and interesting examples, e.g. scaling laws in biology and networks,
population models,chaos, global warming, El Nino, predator-prey, marriage/divorce rates,
and other topics

Hoffman, The Man Who Loved Only Numbers

Wonderful, funny biography of genius mathematician Paul Erdös
Strogatz, The Joy of X
well written, light introduction to maths from counting to advanced topics

Silver, The Signal and The Noise
applications of statistical thinking, prediction, and uncertainty to current topics: sports betting, political punditry, earthquake prediction, investment strategies, climate change, terrorism

Design of Experiments

Mathews, Design of Experiments with MINITAB

A must for everyone!
Montgomery, Design and Analysis of Experiments
One of the best DOE books available. Assumes an
advanced technical level but very complete.

Box, Hunter, and Hunter, Statistics for Experimenters

Excellent book! Well worth the $ and effort.
Hicks, Introduction to Design of Experiments

Good reference. A bit terse, but everything's here.
Neter, Kutner, Nachtsheim, and Wasserman, Applied Linear Statistical Models
Big book, well written, complete, and worth every penny!

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