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Test and Measurement Systems

In addition to our statistical consulting and training services MM&B Inc. also builds custom test and measurement systems. If you already have your hardware we can design and build your graphical user interface (GUI) or we can help you determine your hardware needs and then build and deliver a turn-key system.

We specialize in easy to use, intuitive GUIs that integrate all your hardware, test administration, test condition specifications, measurement feedback, and test results reporting needs. Our software capabilities are limited to .NET. We do not use LabView.

Some of the systems that we have built are:

We can communicate with most lab devices using one or more of the following communication buses: GPIB/IEEE488, RS232, Ethernet, and USB.

Some of the hardware that we have used on projects includes:

All systems are delivered with:
Contact Paul at paul@mmbstatistical.com or 440-350-0911 for more information.

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